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Green Cheek Conure Behaving Badly

This is Sean Connurey, a green cheek conure, who woke up in a “bad mood” this day.

He is being naughty and biting, but what he says after he bites, is quite cute.

It does imply that he does this on a regular basis though, which is not good.

Any tips for his owner on how to better train him?



  1. Samantha says:

    I have an aggressive black-capped conure who came to me as a rescue bird, so I understand this dilemma quite well. We’ve had him almost 4 years now and he has improved quite a bit, but we still have days when he bites and certain items (anything that resembles towels, socks, blankets) that will set him off immediately. To me, it looks like the conure in the video is used to the reaction he’ll get and is looking for it. It has become play for him – an “if I do this, she’ll do that” situation. And since it is cute, they’re allowing it. What will happen when someone else has to take care of him, though? What has worked for Zorro is to do my best not to react with any noise when he bites, put him somewhere alone (maybe back in his cage with no treats) and leave him there for a while. Most of the time he’ll get upset and want me to come back (yelling and such) and when he calms down I retrieve him. Either that, or he spends about 15 minutes beating the crud out of his toys, then calms down, and then I retrieve him. Either way, the biting problem is MUCH better. It just took a lot of time and patience on my part.

    • Crystal says:

      Hi Samantha, I agree with you about the “if I do this, she’ll do that” situation. That is how it looks to me too. You have offered some great advice here. Thanks for taking the time to share what has worked for you and Zorro.

  2. Marilyn says:

    HI! This video looks familiar, as we also have a GCC. We pretty much rescued him 3 years ago (he will be 6 in Dec) from a girl that mistreated him. He was extremely aggressive the first year until I learned how to deal with him. What I do, as soon as he nips hard or goes for the bite, is take him to his “thinking basket” and I leave him there while he screams for a few minutes. I don’t remove him until he calms down. If he steps off of it, I put him back on it.(big handle) I don’t take him to his cage because I feel that would make him think it’s a bad place (& he already hates going in there at night to go to sleep). I got a basket that is just for his naughty time (and where I put him to poop on demand). As far as your video, she actually looks like she’s playing with the button, until she goes for your feet! Mine loves feet, he will bite them as often as he can! I think he figures the toes are toys that move around! Mostly, Sir Stella will bite if he wants attention. Green Cheeks have a personality like no other! Maybe give the Thinking/naughty basket a try. Hugs and hope this helps!

    • Crystal says:

      Hi Marilyn. Thanks for sharing your experience with your GCC. You are doing a great job. The “thinking basket” is a great idea.

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