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Cockatiel’s Wonderful Story of Recovery

Anne Kenyon has shared with me her Cockatiel’s heart-warming story of survival.

As you will see, Anne and Ginny worked together over many months, and Ginny’s miraculous recovery was the result.

A beautiful story of hope.

Let us know your thoughts…

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The Parrot in Health and Illness: An Owner’s Guide



  1. Brenda Galvan says:

    I respect your courage and love for not giving up this wonderful creature. I passed through your same situation twice, and, believe me, it’s worth of it. The first time she couldn’t survive, but the second time my bird could recover :).

    My respects and blessings from the bottom of my heart.

    • Crystal says:

      Hi Brenda. Anne did a wonderful job. It just makes your heart sing to see such a wonderful story and miraculous outcome. So glad to hear of your success with your second bird. Well done.

  2. Rebecca G says:

    What a beautiful story of hope and love. Brought tears to my eyes. I am so pleased that you helped this little bird. She is beautiful! Hope Ginny is doing well. All it takes it love, patience and kindness to help these birds. I owned three cockatiels and they have all since died due to old age. However, I have a new one now and she is just a baby. I do miss my other three girls but thankful to have Autumn now.

    • Crystal says:

      Hi Rebecca. Anne did a wonderful job saving Ginny. Ginny is doing well. Sorry to hear about your cockatiels, and glad you have Autumn. Thanks for commenting.

  3. emmett says:

    beautifull story.

  4. Anne Keating says:

    What an amazing story…….it takes someone really special to help a dying bird and nurse it back to health…..there are angels out there…!

  5. Tracey says:

    I am still wiping away tears. The love that those little lives bring to us… amazing courage and strength. I am going to have to go home and love on my little Sunnie (blue quaker) xo xo xo

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